Technical Machines (TMs)
1Focus PunchFightingRoute 115: Surf north.
2Dragon ClawDragonMeteor Falls (Requires Surf and Waterfall)
3Water PulseWaterSootopolis Gym: Defeat Gym Leader
4Calm MindPsychicMossdeep Gym: Defeat Gym Leader
5RoarNormalRoute 114: Talk to the old man next to the Poochyena.
6ToxicPoisonFiery Path (Requires Strength)
7HailIceShoal Cave: Ice section.
8Bulk UpFightingDewford Gym: Defeat Gym Leader
9Bullet SeedGrassRoute 110: Trick House
10Hidden PowerNormalSlateport City: Sold in shop after obtaining 4th badge.
11Sunny DayFireRoute 120: Inside Cave (Requires Surf)
12TauntDarkRoute 110: Trick House
13Ice BeamIceMauville City: Game Corner; Abandoned Ship (Requires Dive)
14BlizzardIceLilycove City: Department Store
15Hyper BeamNormalLilycove City: Department Store
16Light ScreenPsychicLilycove City: Department Store
17ProtectNormalLilycove City: Department Store
18Rain DanceWaterAbandoned Ship (Requires Dive)
19Giga DrainGrassMt. Pyre: Girl next to three Berry trees.
20SafeguardNormalLilycove City: Department Store
21FrustrationNormalPacifidlog Town: Once a week if your Pokemon doesn't like you.
22Solar BeamGrassSafari Zone (Requires Surf)
23Iron TailSteelMeteor Falls
24ThunderboltElectricMauville City: Game Corner; Help Mauville Gym Leader by going to New Mauville.
25ThunderElectricLilycove City: Department Store
26EarthquakeGroundRoute 128: Seafloor Cavern
27ReturnNormalPacifidlog Town: Once a week from person with 2 Azurill.
28DigGroundRoute 114: Talk to the little kid inside the house.
29PsychicPsychicMauville City: Game Corner; Champion Road
30Shadow BallGhostMt. Pyre
31Brick BreakFightingSootopolis City
32Double TeamNormalRoute 113: Press "A" against the bump next to the little house.
33ReflectNormalLilycove City: Department Store
34ShockwaveElectricMauville Gym: Defeat Gym Leader
35FlamethrowerFireMauville City: Game Corner
36Sludge BombPoisonDewford Town: House above Pokemon Center.
37SandstormGroundRoute 111: South of sandstorm section.
38Fire BlastFireLilycove City: Department Store
39Rock TombRockRustboro Gym: Defeat Gym Leader
40Aerial AceFlyingFortree Gym: Defeat Gym Leader
41TormentDarkSlateport City: Win Contest
42FacedeNormalPetalburg Gym: Defeat Gym Leader
43Secret PowerRockRoute 111: Talk to guy facing the trees.
44RestNormalLilycove City: Obtain from old man in the east.
45AttractNormalRoute 110: Trick House
46ThiefDarkSlateport Museum: Talk to Team M/A member.
47Steel WingSteelRoute 106 Cave: Talk to person at end of the cave.
48Skill SwapPsychicMt. Pyre
49SnatchDarkMan in Ferryboat.
50OverheatFireLavaridge Gym: Defeat Gym Leader

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